zastita intelektualne svojine

Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property includes your ideas, inventions, creations and secrets that give you an advantage over other competitors in the market. Intellectual property is protected by a registered and protected trademark (trademark, brand), copyright, patents and trade secret rights.


In order for the LOGO used to become a TRADEMARK, it is necessary to register and protect it. The protection of trademarks, or the protection of intellectual property in this case, is performed at the national and / or, if desired, at the international level and is regulated by the TRADEMARK LAW. If you do not protect your brand in the prescribed manner, you are in constant risk of multiple losses, business and financial.


By protecting your trademark, you cease to be at risk of infringing under the TRADEMARK LAW. Protecting your trademark gives your company the exclusive right to prevent other companies and individuals from advertising the same or similar products and services under confusingly similar or the same trademark/logo as your. This gives you the ability to prevent a significant reduction in profits.


As long as the protection of intellectual property is not completed, you have no possibility to prevent third parties from using a similar or even same trademark/logo as you, for the same products and services, and you risk infringing the rights of already protected trademarks. This can lead to substantial damage to your reputation and already created public image. This also leads to a reduction in profits. An unprotected trademark is free to use, and therefore to misuse.

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With us you can find out if there is the same or confusingly similar trademark as your trademark. Searches are performed in domestic as well as in international databases of already protected trademarks (at your request).